Carrier Transicold China Supports Food Safety for Beijing Games

13 August 2008

With more than 10,000 athletes and nearly three million visitors expected during the XXIXth Summer Olympic Games underway here, Carrier Transicold China is supplying the Beijing Agricultural Bureau with more than 100 Viento, Xarios and Supra truck refrigeration units to help ensure excellence in food safety. Experts estimate that more than 19,813 gallons (75,000 liters) of milk, 660,000 pounds (299,371 kilograms) of fruit and vegetables, 164,000 pounds (74,389 kilograms) of seafood, 262,000 pounds (118,841 kilograms) of meat, 42,000 pounds (19,051 kilograms) of cheese and three million bottles of beverages will be consumed by athletes, coaches, officials and journalists during the Beijing Olympics.

To provide safe and high quality agricultural products for athletes and visitors, a rigorous food tracking and monitoring system has been fully guaranteed by the Chinese government. The system has a unified logistics code for all the food coming into the Olympic Village which provides full process monitoring from manufacturing, processing and packaging to storing and transporting the food to the center of the Village. The information will be incorporated into a database which will enable food supervisors to be fully aware of all procedures and trace the sources in case there are any incidents.

More than 400 public health officers are in charge of inspecting the food, water and air quality for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Armed with specialized sanitation equipment, officers are permitted to test food and water whenever they deem it is necessary.