Carrier Transicold Announces Foretrack Launch

14 March 2007

Our environment is in constant change. At Carrier Transicold we know the importance of continually adapting new technology to our products in order to respond to your changing needs.

European regulations on foods safety and monitoring of perishable goods are increasing more and more. Carrier Foretrack the new GPRS based fleet management package has been developed with the latest technology to allow you to communicate with your fleet in real time.

This new communication medium simplifies and improves your fleet controls by enabling you to keep an eye on each of your trucks and trailers at the depot or over the road - as well as ensuring peace of mind in the knowledge that sensitive goods are being maintained correctly throughout their journey, without even moving from your office!

With Carrier Foretrack, you no longer need cables, printers or any operator to download and analyse data. From the comfort of your office you are provided with instant access directly to this information from your PC browser.

In addition, Carrier Foretrack has the unique capability of communicating with the Carrier Transicold refrigeration unit and Datacold 500 temperature recorder. This means you have access to set-point recording or modifications, running mode / compartment status, defrost / door open information, hour meter data and warning alarms, giving operatorís time to react before load damage occurs.

Wherever your vehicles are in Europe, all asset data, including vehicle location, speed and odometer readings together with detailed temperature information are available via the Internet. Vehicles can be located through high-resolution mapping, keeping control of your fleet, wherever you have access to the Internet.

Simple, cost effective, constantly updated - Fleet maintenance control truck, trailer and refrigeration unit - Temperature monitoring and immediate alarm notification - Direct access to refrigeration unit data, set points & hour meters - Connection to Datacold 500 for temperature data transfer - Data capture when vehicle has no GPRS coverage - Improve service and enhance customer relationships by becoming more accountable - Whether its temperature, door openings or route digression Carrier Foretrack provides you with a real time view of your fleet, with SMS or Email alerts - Improved asset and load security

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