Carrier Transicold introduces new Low profile NEOS 100 unit for small vehicles

04 April 2006

PARIS, 3rd April 2006) – Strengthening its position as the leader in innovative heating and cooling systems, Carrier Corporation, a business unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX), today announced the launch of NEOS 100. The new electrically driven, self-contained “plug and play” unit for small vehicle refrigeration will be marketed and distributed through Carrier Transicold.

The NEOS 100 unit provides the small vehicle refrigeration market with the fastest and safest installation concept available today, as well as the lowest-profile choice, integrating into all vehicles up to 6m³.

The NEOS 100 unit’s installation concept is unique in the market. The unit is delivered pre-charged with refrigerant and pre-tested by the factory. The refrigeration circuit is completely closed at the time of installation meaning that no specialised technician is required, no time-consuming brazing or threading is necessary, and the installation time is drastically reduced – by an average of 50 percent compared with current product installations.

This new unit has reliability built in from the start. According to Neil Taylor, European Managing Director for Carrier Transicold, “Extensive experience suggests that closing the refrigerant circuit in this way eliminates one of the key reliability issues for traditional systems - the risk of leakage at installation. The benefits for the end-user and the environment are evident. In addition, pre-setting the unit at the factory means a safer and more reliable unit for the customer.“ The small unit dimensions and the monobloc concept allow for vehicle reinforcements to remain untouched by the unit. Vehicle rigidity is therefore maintained, whatever the vehicle model, ultimately increasing driver and cargo safety.

The system uses the vehicle’s alternator to produce electric power independent of engine speed. The power supply and all system functions are controlled by micro-processor system with cab command.

There’s no compromising on height when it comes to choosing a rooftop system. Now there is a real high-performance choice for either box or integrated insulation configurations. The new NEOS 100 unit offers the lowest height available in the industry at just 58mm making it a full 40 mm slimmer than its nearest competitor, and matching it with industry-leading capacity. In addition the NEOS 100 low profile unit is aesthetically attractive, adapts onto all vehicle types and can even be delivered the same colour as the vehicle.

There’s no compromising driver comfort, either. NEOS 100 is compatible with the vehicle air-conditioning and, with the principal components located inside the box, is discreet and quiet for the driver, too.

With a cooling capacity of 1110 watts at 0°C/+30°C and high airflow of 800m³/h, NEOS 100 is a real high-performance choice for the customer looking for reliability and cargo-protection. NEOS 100, for road only operation, will be available globally during the second quarter 2006. This road version can be fitted with a standby module during the third quarter, when the road and standby version becomes available. For more detailed information on the NEOS 100, turn to the experts within the Carrier Transicold's dealer network or visit the Carrier Transicold Web site at