CTUK Training and Development Centre attains City and Guilds accreditation

06 January 2006

CTUK Training and Development Centre has been granted accreditation to offer a City & Guilds certification on all their current training programs. This means that all CTUK training programs have been evaluated independently to ensure that they reach the highest of standards set by City and Guilds and fulfil all the necessary criteria set down.

Phil Atherton, CTUK Training and Development Manager began the exhaustive application back in June 2005. Full reviews were conducted by City & Guilds personnel, on and off site during the period from September to December to evaluate course material, learning objectives, delivery of the courses etc. Phil has successfully demonstrated the ability to adhere to all City & Guilds criteria and guidelines, furthermore CTUK have agreed to comply with the City & Guilds criteria and standards and in an industry first will use the City & Guilds name and logo on course promotional materials and certificates to designate those courses meeting City & Guilds criteria.

The CTUK web site now has a link to the City & Guilds web site if you wish to find out more about and organisation that is recognized as offering the highest quality continuing education and training programs.