Freshlinc Specifies Carrier Vector® 1850 Technology for its First Extended Length Semitrailers

02 January 2013

Freshlinc Specifies Carrier Vector® 1850 Technology for its First Extended Length Semitrailers

Freshlinc is expanding its fleet and chilled load capacity with the introduction of its first four 14.6m refrigerated semitrailers fitted with Vector®1850 multi-temperature technology from Carrier Transicold. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping temperature control with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

According to Freshlinc’s fleet engineer, Andy Marchant, Carrier Transicold is “always at the forefront of the industry,” and the Vector 1850 unit is the natural choice to complement the four new extended length trailers joining the fleet.

“In our ambition to drive down road miles, we were keen to take part in the trial of extended length trailers and, naturally, it was Carrier we turned to ensure the temperature integrity of the additional load space this offers,” said Marchant. “When you are seeking further efficiencies in transport operations you have to look closely at the equipment you are running and assess the long-term value and potential to deliver those all-important savings – be it fuel consumption, CO2emissions or road miles.

“Carrier never fails to impress with consistently reliable, leading-edge technology, backed-up by competitive service contracts. It is therefore no coincidence that 80 per cent of our fleet is already operating with Carrier Transicold refrigeration units,” he added.

The new extended length trailers – which are licenced as part of a government trial – are expected to help fleets cut vehicle movements by transporting more goods per trailer load. This will, in turn, take vehicles off the road, reducing fuel usage and minimising exhaust emissions.

To accommodate the additional trailer length, Carrier Transicold UK installed an extended wiring loom that connects the nose-mounted unit to a series of evaporators and temperature sensors.

All four Vector 1850 MT units have been supplied with Carrier’s Golden Cold®repair and maintenance agreements, which provide nationwide breakdown cover for total peace of mind. All scheduled maintenance will be carried out by Carrier Transicold Lincolnshire, based in Spalding, which has supported the Freshlinc operation for many years.

“Avoiding unexpected downtime is key for us and, particularly when we are looking at consolidating larger loads onto higher volume trailers, this is clearly more important than ever before,” said Marchant. “The assistance we get from Carrier Transicold Lincolnshire working alongside our operation is exceptional – long may it continue.”

The four new extended length trailers, supplied by Gray & Adams, are expected to remain on the Freshlinc fleet for six years.

Carrier reports that an additional 50 Vector 1850 units are also being provided for new standard length refrigerated trailers joining the Freshlinc fleet of 300 semitrailers and 180 tractor units in the coming weeks. These will also be supplied with Golden Cold contracts.

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