Carrier Foretrack™ System Upgrades Help Improve Customer Fleet Management & Tracking

14 November 2011

Carrier Transicold has launched an update for its Foretrack™ proprietary satellite tracking and fleet management system, which helps customers improve productivity, profitability and efficiency with comprehensive, real-time data and analysis of refrigerated fleets as they travel across Europe.

The Foretrack update represents a major investment by Carrier to make the system compatible with all major web browsers, including an overhaul of the mapping function that allows users to instantly turn addresses into GPS coordinates. Also included in the upgrade are the integration of Bing™ maps, which includes aerial imaging, and a refined Short Message Service (SMS) notification system that records all sent and received messages. The Foretrack system also supports faster generation of reports with a wider range of output format options.

In addition, a new “Find Nearest Device” feature allows users to instantly locate the nearest vehicles, along with a journey indicator identifying each of their intended destinations.

“The software-based upgrades to the Foretrack system make it easier and faster to access information, provide users with more choice and paves the way for further system enhancements in the future,” said Mark Daniels, service engineering manager, Carrier Transicold. “Listening to customer feedback is crucial as this allows us to develop and implement improvements that respond directly to their needs. All the benefits we have introduced are closely linked to productivity, profitability and efficiency.”

The Foretrack system provides a host of data direct via the internet, allowing customers to see the live status of each refrigeration unit within the fleet, including temperature, set point, running time, downtime, and, on the tracking side, the exact location of the vehicle, average speed, journey length and time, cumulative distance travelled and routes taken. Warning alarms in the form of e-mail or SMS alerts are also sent to the transport office to highlight any unexpected deviation from the temperature set point.

“Foretrack is a key strategic tool in the management of refrigerated fleets,” Daniels said. “We are committed to ensuring that it remains at the forefront of data and analysis systems for temperature controlled transport fleets.”

The Foretrack system can be specified as original equipment or retro-fitted on any Carrier Transicold temperature controlled system for vans, rigid trucks or trailers. For more information visit