Launch of the New Xarios 600Mt

01 April 2004

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Xarios 600 Mt. The Xarios 600Mt will replace the current Xarios 500Mt which will be phased out during April.

The Xarios 600 Mt offers higher refrigeration capacity up to 2760W at -20C/+30C and higher box volumes than its predecessor. For example, box volumes @+30C ambient temperature increase from 18m to 20m for urban distribution applications and from 25m to 27m for very few door opening applications.

It also provides greater flexibility regarding the choice of evaporators: -

- New MXL 1100 evaporator replacing previous MXS 1100

- New MXV 850 vertical evaporator for greater flexibility in low space applications

- MXS 850 evaporator

- MXS 600 evaporator