New Intelliset Option for Vector 1800

25 February 2004

IntelliSet is a flexible micro-programming feature that allows up to 30 commodity profiles to be saved in the LogiCOLD Microprocessor so that temperature selection can be made according to the product transported. Each 'IntelliSet' contains a complete individual set of micro functions & configurations, plus a setpoint or setpoint range that are saved under a customised plain language display message such as 'lettuce'.

Easy for Fleet Managers, Once programmed the groups of 'IntelliSets' are transferred to a PC Configuration card then an entire fleet can be programmed with one card, a single keystroke initiates the data transfer and the entire operation takes just a few seconds. Programming a fleet becomes fast and easy!

Easy for Drivers, The driver uses only 3 keys on the keypad to select the setting with the product on board or to change the operation of the unit, for example, 'lettuce' to 'ice cream'. The LogiCOLD Microprocessor then forces all pre-programmed unit settings for that commodity to take effect, simplifying Drivers operation and minimising programming error.

Better load Protection, Each time an operator changes an 'IntelliSet' on the LogiCOLD Microprocessor the entire group of settings is time stamped and recorded in the data recorder. Also with customized display messages if the message center display matches the cargo on board its clearer for everyone. The Driver knows the machine has been set correctly.

The IntelliSet Option can be used on all Vector 1800 LogiCOLD Microprocessor systems and will be available from mid-March.