Carrier Enhances Foretrack™ Visibility and Savings for Operators

28 August 2009

Carrier Transicold has updated Foretrack™, its proprietary satellite tracking and fleet management system, to allow operators greater and faster analysis of their refrigerated fleets across Europe.

The Foretrack system uses GPRS technology to keep track of temperature controlled vehicles and to enhance reporting systems. With this latest update, operators no longer need to use a Carrier Datacold™ 500 temperature recorder, as the enhancement allows them to connect directly to the individual refrigeration unit microprocessor on each truck or trailer, whilst being able to monitor and record the set-point, running mode, compartment status, defrost, hour meter data and warning alarms. Any of this information can be read by operators in their fleet offices, relating to any of their loads, wherever those loads may be. The system provides a host of real time data direct via the Internet. The ability to offer live, web-based fleet management of individual trucks and trailers through vehicle tracking, combined with accurate temperature reports and alarms and other data such as idling, braking and route deviation, allows operators to fully manage and analyse their fleets from their desktop or laptop PCs.

“The Foretrack system helps operators to more effectively and profitably manage their fleets, with the ability to provide real-time data,” said Mark Daniels, service engineering manager, Carrier Transicold U.K. “They can also use the data to easily produce management reports and driver behaviour statistics.”

In addition to temperature monitoring and immediate alarm notification, the Foretrack system helps improve cold chain integrity and can help operators to enhance their own reputation with customers by allowing them to demonstrate greater accountability in the preservation of temperature-sensitive cargo. The update of the Foretrack system also includes a new, read-only option developed in response to requests from the pharmaceutical industry. This new feature, allows data produced in Microsoft® Excel reports to be locked to avoid alteration. This security feature is combined with random, system-generated passwords to provide more secure reporting facilities.

The Foretrack system also offers operators live access to set-point recording or modifications, running mode or compartment status, defrost or door open information, hour meter data and warning alarms, giving them time to react before load damage occurs. Data is captured and stored even if the vehicle enters an area without GPRS coverage.

As legislation and regulations on food safety and the monitoring of perishable goods toughen across Europe, fleet operators need to be sure that drivers and loads fully comply, no matter where they are.

“We have a number of examples of customers who have noticed an immediate payback after upgrading to the Foretrack system because it has helped identify and correct coverage gaps,” added Daniels. “One customer in particular had previously lost a number of loads on a particular route. By applying the Foretrack system to loads on the route, it quickly became apparent that the losses were the result of anomalies in the way the refrigeration unit was manually operated."

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