The New Maxima 1300 - More Capacity with Less Noise

23 December 2003

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Maxima 1300, the Maxima has for many years built a solid reputation as the most reliable unit in its category with reference to 33-pallet transport. With this new unit Carrier Transicold brings the benefits of the new technological developments for enhanced reliability, higher performance, reduced noise levels and increased accessibility, whilst still maintaining ease of use with the EasyCOLD Microprocessor control. The new Maxima 1300 unit replaces the current Maxima 1200 which will no longer be produced.

Higher Performance - The Maxima 1300’s newly redesigned refrigeration circuit increases capacity to the highest in its category providing 13250W at 0°C/+30°C and 7205W at 0°C/+30°C. With airflow at 4930m3/h the Maxima 1300 remains the highest in its category ensuring maximum load protection. New nylon fuel hoses mean bio-fuel compatibility in environmentally sensitive markets.

Lower Noise - A new bottom panel and improved insulation materials mean that the Maxima 1300 operates far quieter than previous models. In addition, a new ultra low-noise system is available as an option which decreases levels by a further 2dBA! Thus improving city distribution use and offering the Maxima 1300 as the lowest noise perception of its category!

Improved Cost of Ownership - Improved access to oil drain tube means faster and easier maintenance. Maxima 1300 also benefits from new Poly-V Flexonic® belts on the water pump, which increase belt life thus reducing maintenance and lowering operation costs.

The New Maxima 1300